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There is a point where we all need to learn something but don't have the time to take a class.  This page is dedicated to that point in time.  Here you can find a whole host of tutorials either that I've created or that I've "borrowed" from somebody else.  Topics here will usually range from website tool demonstration, app demonstration, or iPad demonstration.  I teach in a 1:1 Chromebook classroom but I've also had iPads as well.  Hopefully you'll find something for you.  Tutorials listed will be categorized by device, type of tool, or whether it is for students or teachers.

Formative Assessment

As I mentioned on an earlier blog formative assessment does not have to be a boring task for both student and teacher.  Thee video on the left details a few tools that teachers can use to improve both the use of and value of formative assessment in their classes.

Both Kahoot and Zondle are game based and a blast to use both in and out of the classroom.  They're both very easy to set up and work across various devices.  

Not only are students learning how to study, but many times are unaware that they are.  However, the most valuable feature of these tools is the data it collects for the teacher.  As a diagnostic tool these games can help determine what is being understood vs. what needs to be retaught.  Enjoy!