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Welcome to Google Apps in Education

So, your school has gone Google.  You may have a gmail account but other than that you've never gone anywhere further than that.  Learning how to use new tools like this can be frustrating, scary, but fun at the same time.  Fortunately there are lots of resources at your fingertips to help you along the way.  Below you will find several demonstration videos on some of the more common tools in the Google Apps Ed suite.  Also, for those of you that prefer printable resources each video has accompanying step by step printable directions.  Obviously you're not going to become an expert in one day.  If you'd like to learn more on your own time and at your own pace, click on to the  Google Apps Learning Center.  There you will find demos, print outs, step tutorials, and everything  else you need to complete a self-paced training on Google Apps.  However, should you need further help please feel free to click here  to schedule an appointment.  

Your Google Drive

Your drive will be where you store all of your files.  Look at your Google Drive as the brain of you Google Apps Ed account; it is where all of your files are stored and the place from which you will create, share, and upload files.  

The video on the right will demonstrate a few things that you can do with your drive.  Primarily we will be looking at how to upload existing files from your hard drive, creating folders, sharing files and folders, and creating new documents.  

Feel free to pause, rewind, and review the demos as much as you'd like. Most of them are fairly short as each video covers only one specific task in Google Drive.  

Google Docs

Simply put Google Docs is a word processor; it is really no different from MS Word or many others and has similar features.  However, it is the accessibility and a few other features that I feel make Google Docs stand out.  

On the right you will see how to create a new doc, upload and existing file and convert it to docs format, share a document, and leave comments on a doc.  

Docs is awesome because it allows for an unprecedented level of collaboration between users.  This is ideal for  teachers working together or teachers looking to help students edit, peer review, and share their writing.



Slides are like MS Powerpoint but much more!  Again, collaboration between users is the main feature of Google Slides.  With Slides you can create presentations but you can also embed videos much more easily, embed and share your presentations, and have students collaborate together on a presentation.

Also, because your Slides is connected to your Drive pulling in images, videos, audio, and docs is as easy as clicking a button.  

More importantly, all of those Powerpoints you already have can be uploaded and converted to Google Slides.  

Links, Links, and More Links

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your expertise in Google Apps Ed.  Becoming familiar with a tool takes time and a willingness to learn, try, and even fail at times.  Here are listed numerous links I've found to help you along the way.  

Improve Writing with Google Docs-Very nice presentation by Eric Curts of SPARCC on how to improve student writing using Google Docs

West Hartford School Google Apps Page-This awesome site has loads of information on how to use Google Apps in your classroom. 

Ames Iowa High School/Middle School Tech Site-Great site for resources on GAE best practices and is maintained by a friend of mine.  

Teaching Like It's 2999-If you've never heard of Jennie Magiera you should have.  Awesome blog on implementing GAE and more.

40 Ways to use Google Apps Ed-Nice resource for practical applications of GAE.