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Google Classroom vs. Edmodo

Posted by bdp6740@gmail.com on May 11, 2015 at 11:10 AM

"If it aint broke, don't fix it." I've been using Edmodo as a platform for my classes for about five or six years now. I'm happy with Edmodo and how it's grown in that time. It seems like every few months a new site that I use with my students is adding a "sign in with Edmodo" feature. However, this past year my school went Google. I'm a huge Google fan and I'm extremely enthusiastic about the possibilities of using Google Apps Ed in my classroom on a full time basis. Now the dilemma, should I have my students use Google exclusively (which means adopting Google Classroom) or should I keep Edmodo and only use Google Apps; which could possibly lead to some confusion for the students?

All year I've been toying around with Google Classroom in order to make a more informed decision. Both platforms have their benefits, but what is a teacher to do? Google Classroom would be very easy for my students to use. They will all have their usernames and passwords for GAE and all they would have to remember is a single sign in (which is HUGE!). Also, many of the 2.0 tools that I use on a day to day allow a user to sign in with their Google Account. Again, this is an immeasurable plus to anyone who's ever had to give students their username/passwords that have been forgotten time and again. The biggest plus I see with Google Classroom is simplification and organization of file/folder management for both teacher and student. Everything is right where you need it to be and easy to share and access. Organization is the strongest feature of Google Classroom. However, Google Classroom is not without it's faults. My biggest concern is that Google sometimes gets bored and forgets a service (iGoogle, Google Reader, etc). Why would I put all my chips on the Google Classroom table if it's just going to fade away? However, my biggest concern is assessments. Yes, you can run an assessment with Google Forms and an add on called Flubaroo, but it is simply way too cumbersome to do when better options are available.

Edmodo has been a mainstay in my classroom for years, and as time has gone by it has improved every year. Edmodo app store, quizzes, snapshot, and a whole other host of features make Edmodo an awesome and user friendly CMS for any teacher to use. There are things that I think could be improved. Edmodo is sometimes guilty of running before they walk. A new feature or update may not operate as intended or a change might be made that you feel is negative (no more quizzes on iPhones) but usually they are fairly quick in responding and fixing bugs. My biggest concern in using GAE and Edmodo is that this could potentially be two usernames and passwords and many students have a hard enough time remembering one.

This is a decision that will probably be made sometime over the summer. Nevertheless, I am leaning towards sticking with Edmodo. As I said earlier, "if it aint broke, don't fix it." However, I've never been one to be satisfied with the status quo. Any and all opinions welcome. Please, opine!!!

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